20th Shotokan International Development Championships

Important information for competitors and supporters:

  • A condensed Judging course will be presented at Hatfield Dojo on Wednesday (19 August 2015) starting at 19:00 – all Brown / Black grades are welcome.
  • The JSKA South Africa Colours Presentation will start at 18:00 at Hatfield dojo – Academic dress code
  • The SA Team departs from UP Sports Centre at 09:00 to Valley of Waves, Sun City
  • The SA Team will arrive at Konka at 17:00 for room allocation, supper at 18:00 and the Team Kata event starts at 19:00 and the Shoto Cup to follow
  • The 20th Development Championships starts at 08:00 with the march-on and opening ceremony
  • The formal award ceremony will start at 18:00 in the Main Hall followed by supper
  • The SA Team will arrive at the UP Sports grounds at 11:00 on Sunday morning
  • Team members must remember the belt / gi and swimming attire. Maybe an additional bag must be provided for the Valley of the Waves visit. Sleeping goods are provided as well as eating utensils.