Judges and tournament official course, 23 May 2015

Judges and tournament official course, 23 May 2015, Centurion Dojo

Judges and tournament official course, 23 May 2015, Centurion Dojo

A Judges and tournament official course was held on 23 May 2015 at the Centurion Dojo.

The judges course, presented by Sensei Soon Pretorius,  was conducted for all senior graded students (Brown +) based on the new draft JSKA South Africa rules.  The tournament official course was conducted by Sensei Elmarie van Zyl.

Senior members are welcome to view the draft JSKA South Africa rules and submit any comments by 30 May 2015 to Pieter Coetzee at (

31st JSKA South Africa National Championships

2015-nationals-logo29 and 30 May 2015 at Hall F, Tshwane Events Centre (Pretoria Show Grounds), Soutter Street, Pretoria West

This Championships will also serve as trials for the selection of:

  • The JSKA South Africa National Development Team to start an intensive preparation program in August 2015 to prepare for the 20th Shotokan International Development Karate Championships to be hosted at Konka, Magaliesburg on Saturday, 22 August 2015 and receive JSKA South Africa National Development Colours.
  • The JSKA South Africa National Team to compete in the 8th JSKA World Karate Championships to be hosted in Namibia 2016.

Follow this link to view the map and estimated time schedule

2nd JSKA Europe Championships, 2015


2nd JSKA European Championships and Masters Seminar, Glasgow, Scotland, 10-12 July 2015

A South Africa delegation has been invited to attend and participate in the above event. Unfortunately only 12 senior students will be allowed to participate.

Students (Shodan and above) and Instructors wishing to join the SA team must contact Sensei Soon, directly via, to receive detailed information regarding the tour.

Tour information

  •  Tour package: R 27 000
    • A tour deposit of R 2000 p/p, is payable by 28 February 2015.
    • Outstanding balance  is payable on 31 March 2015.
  • The tour package will include:
    • Airfare, accommodation & transport in London & Glasgow
    • Tourist attractions to be visited in London & Glasgow
    • Team Kit
    • Championships Entry fee
  • Provisional Itinerary:
    • 06-08 July 2015: London
    • 09 July 2015: Transfer to Glasgow
    • 10 July 2015: Championships Registration
    • 11 July 2015: Masters Seminar
    • 12 July 2015: 2nd JSKA European Championships
    • 13 July 2015: Return to London

Follow this link to view more information on the event from the organizers.

8th JSKA World Karate Championships 2016


We are extremely fortunate to be able to participate in the 8th JSKA World Championships hosted on our doorstep in 2016.

We have competed in Swakopmund many times and understand their weather and temperatures. The 2014 JSKA National Development Team will form the foundation of the team to represent SA in 2015 in South Africa at the 20th International Shotokan Development Championships.

A final selection will be based on these results as well as consistency in performances. In 2015 JSKA South Africa plan 6 national events spread across the year and would include the annual development and national events. Our team will be well prepared for 2016!

Keep up-to-date with developments relating to this championship in Namibia in 2016.

7th JSKA World Championships – Terni, Italy, 2014


A strong delegation from South Africa returned from an extremely successful championship hosted in Terni, Italy in July 2014. Our team returned home with 46 medals in a fiercely contested event with a number of newly crowned world champions!

An intensive preparation program which lasted many months guaranteed success not withstanding strong opposition from across the world. We have laid a strong foundation for 2016 tournament in Namibia with an unfair of competed in Swakopmund many times.

Follow this link to view the photo gallery 1 and photo gallery 2 on Facebook.

About JSKA South Africa


The JSKA Karate philosophy is to:

  • Improve technique as a sport
  • Enjoy Karate practice as a means for developing a healthy body and mind.
  • Learn self-defense as a martial art

JSKA South Africa consists of a number of schools across Southern Africa directed from the head office in Pretoria, South Africa.

We strive to become an effective and credible karate organization in Southern Africa.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide a suitable environment for the training of karate
  • Provide informed, well trained and skilled instructors
  • Provide discreetly selected events to develop students and instructors
  • Provide administration staff to support all of the above
  • Provide a forum for individual growth to the highest level

Our purpose is to enable students / instructors to reach their ambitions and to assist fellow students instructors in reaching theirs.

JSKA South Africa offers:

  • JSKA South Africa National Karate Championships
  • The International Shotokan Development Karate Championships
  • JSKA South Africa Berg Gashuku (training camp)
  • JSKA World Championships
  • JSKA South Africa Dan examinations
  • JSKA South Africa Instructors training

JSKA South Africa Executive

  • JSKA South Africa/Africa Chief Instructor – Soon Pretorius
  • JSKA South Africa General Manager – Elmarie van Zyl
  • JSKA South Africa Head Instructor – Tony Williams
  • JSKA South Africa Head Examiner – Leon van Vollenstee
  • JSKA South Africa Head Judge – Paul Botha
  • JSKA South Africa Tournament Director – Monica Ross
  • JSKA South Africa Head Legal Affairs – Roelf Smith
  • JSKA South Africa Operational Manager – Phillip Venter